Maple Sugaring started on the farm in 1835. At first maple trees were tapped with wooden spouts which the sap from the maple tree dripped into wooden buckets. The sap was collected in wooden sap tanks pulled by a team of horses. The sap was then hauled to the sugar camp in the woods where it was boiled in black iron kettles and flat pans on a stone arch. 

In 1960 the farm built a new sugar house road side so electricity could be used to filter the syrup. We still produce our maple syrup in the old sugar house on the corner.

In 2016 we built a new sugar house installing a new reverse osmosis machine to process the sap which is then boiled down in our new energy efficient 3 foot by 12 foot evaporator and filtered with our new filter press. Our syrup is heated and canned in our new processing room. We produce maple candy, maple cream, and jams and jellies.

The Maple Sugaring Season starts in mid-February when there is freezing nights and thawing days which makes the sap flow.
We welcome you and your family to our Sugar House to watch the sap being boiled into maple syrup.
Your family can enjoy Pancakes and French Toast served with our pure maple syrup, Ham, Sausage, Bacon and eggs on Saturdays and Sundays from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm mid- February to mid-April.
Maple Syrup is available in containers from half-pint to gallon.  Maple Sugar Candy, Maple Cream, and Granulated Maple Sugar are made in our commercial kitchen and are all packed with care.
We have a variety of our own homemade jams, jellies and fruit butters made from local fruits.      

Maple syrup and maple products, jams, jellies, Fruit Butters, and other products are available at the farm during the year. Please call ahead before coming. Call 413-357-8829.

 We have finished our Pancake Breakfasts for this season. Thank you to all that came.
We have Maple products are  available year round for purchase by appointment. Just all or email when you want to come to purchase some products.
Our menu is Pancakes, French Toast, Bacon, Sausage, Ham, Hash, and Eggs. We also have gluten free pancakes & dairy free pancakes. 

 Our maple syrup is also available at the following places:
Southwick:   Moolicious
                    Ray's Farm
                    Blossoming Acres
                    Notch Travel Center

Granville:   The Scoop
                   Granville Store
                 Nestrovich Fruit Farm

Blandford:   The Blandford Store

Chicopee:   McKinstry Market Garden

Otis:          Papa's Healthy Food and Fuel
                 Farmer's Market at Papa's Healthy Food & Fuel   
                 Saturdays 9am-1pm  May-Oct  

Sandisfield: When Pigs Fly Farm
Maple Sugaring::